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Whether a Fish lives in a Clear Stream or a Water Drain; so long as it continues swimming forward, it will grow up Beautifully.

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*Love is to;’Water the Flower’.If you think;’to Cut & Put it in the Flower-vase’ is Love.Then, you are Encouraging ‘Cutting-hands’& ‘Suicides’ in the Name of Love.

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*Suppressing your Desires(material/physical/sexual🌸..*

*Suppressing your Desires(material/physical/sexual🌸..*

…Suppressing your Desire/Anger

is like making a Dam in the River. 

Once it crosses the Limit, it will come with the greater Force. 

..Brusting the Dam…leading a huge destruction in the nearby areas 🌸

)…a wise person will never suppress their desires, better they will give a proper direction to the force.. Like instead of making Dam, if we could give a proper direction to river and use it for irrigation or else..then we’re using it constructively 🌻..(

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What we consider Ourselves?🌸

*What we consider Ourselves?🌸..*

–>If we consider ourselves as a

×Car then ;

Our desires will be limited to petrol/diesel etc. 

×An animal then;

Meat, Grass, S_x will be our priority

*Likewise if we consider Ourselves as 

 Body then; all their bodily desires will be our priority… 

But; if We know the Truth that ; we’re not even this Body…then you don’t need a thing.. Your desires will vanish to a point or zero 🌻..*


) not the Selfie awareness but let the cosmic consciousness flow through everyone of Us 🌸..(