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No matter how much we Justify;Our definition of Love isjust Limited to Body/Flesh. 

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Love letter to… 💛

​*Love letter to…💛*

I know I’m such a fool… 

I never care about you, nor do I thank you for everything you have given to me. 

I’m such a busy person without any work.

I have whole 24hrs but I don’t get even a minute to thank you. 

I’m such a thoughtful person, but my thoughts are just limited to thoughts...like I wnna be a pilot but, right now m flying a paper plane in vain; in my thoughts. 

 You are a life giver and a life savior..Without you I don’t exist

I’m so sorry dear for ignoring you the whole time. 

From now onwards

my first thought in the morning would be you… 

And my last thought in the evening would be you. 

*..I thank you for everything dear “Sun”.. I love you..Thanks for giving me the Life🌸..*