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The Razor Blade is Sharp but; it Cannot Cut down Trees. An Axe is Strong but; it Cannot Cut the Hair. Everyone is Important according to His/Her own Unique Purpose. Never Look-down on Anyone.

Awakening · Awareness · consciousness · inspirational · Mindfulness · Motivational · peace · Stillness · words of wisdom

*All I want is to ‘Fly’ 🕊..*

Even if it’s a ‘Golden-cage’ ;

the Bird still wants to ‘Fly‘. 

Fly high in the Sky 

As ‘Freedom‘ itself is the ‘Richness’. 

The same Feeling I feel 

When people tells me to 

grabhigh-profile job‘ and settle into it. 

As I wanna see life

 to the next Dimension 

 Which is above ‘money‘ and ‘sex‘.🌸.. 

Awakening · Awareness · consciousness · inspirational · Meditation · Mindfulness · peace · Stillness · words of wisdom

You  may read thousands books , but you never wanna become like Someone. 

​I know..after eating Something 

I’ll get Shit

Still i have to eat it!.. 

I know..after thinking Something 

I’ll get Worries 

Still i have to think about it!.. 

I know..if I go after Money 

Till Grave, I’ll be running after it

Still i wanna run after it!.. 

)…you may read thousands books , but you never wanna become like someone…you hear the good things no matter how many times, but you never wanna invite that good things in your life……. 

But there are people who can live Without eating..who just live in Present with no worries of past or future..foe whom money is just a paper..and all the creatures looks alike/Divine 🌸..(

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We Congratulate Success But, what about Failure? Let us be Aware of our actionslet’s not Hurt others through our reactions. Peace peace Peace ✌️🌻☯️    

Yes Everyone follows, 

who’s on the Top

But, do you even notice that; 

while following you’re kicking

 those who are in the bottom?

Yes, We Smile 

when a child gets Birth

But, do you ever feel Sad 

for those who Dies at the same time?

You listen Hip-hop ‘n’ Metal aloud 

But, what about your Old Grandmother 

Does She feel it’s Soothing? 

Let’s be ‘Aware’ of our every action

let’s not Hurt others through our reactions. 

Peace peace Peace