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If you Think you’re an Important person in this World, then you’re Wrong. Even after you Die the World’s gonna work the Same way its Working. The Earth gonna Rotate the same way its Rotating.

Awakening · consciousness · Divinity · Enlightenment · Meditation · Mindfulness · Spirituality · Stillness · True Essence of Life


Yesterday I was so Fascinated of building my own House.
Today I realized that; what else do I need, when the whole Earth is my Home, the Sky as the Roof, the Trees as the natural Air-conditioner, the Sun as the source of Heat & Light, the Moon & the Stars as the Dimmer at Night, with the Peaceful music of Nature & the Shower of Rain to Bathe. Man what else do we need when Everything is right in front of Our own Eyes?
Sadhu… Sadhu… Sadhu…