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The more I try to See, more it seems Muddy. Agitated & Unrest Mind is just like Muddy Water. Let’s, the Mud Settle down to see the things Clearer.(Meditate upon yourself)

Awakening · consciousness · Divinity · Enlightenment · Meditation · Mindfulness · Spirituality · Stillness · True Essence of Life


Yesterday I was so Fascinated of building my own House.
Today I realized that; what else do I need, when the whole Earth is my Home, the Sky as the Roof, the Trees as the natural Air-conditioner, the Sun as the source of Heat & Light, the Moon & the Stars as the Dimmer at Night, with the Peaceful music of Nature & the Shower of Rain to Bathe. Man what else do we need when Everything is right in front of Our own Eyes?
Sadhu… Sadhu… Sadhu…